Dumbbell with Plastic Weight Plates


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  • Model: WD12#1057 Riportello in legno 650 g con laterali rimovibili per cane
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Wooden Dumbbell with Weight Plates Removable

Retrieving is a rather important skill, needed to be mastered by every dog. It will teach the pet to leave the objects you ask, will involve you both into interactive game, and you will always be in control of the rewarding activity. Of course, retrieving is an integral part of many dog sports. To teach your dog to retrieve, you need non-toxic training items which your dog will easily pick up, carry and leave. These are Wooden Dumbbells with Weight Plates.

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Training Dumbbell for Dog

New Design Training Dumbbell for Dog

What is a Dumbbell? This is an item made up of two weight plates and a dowel; materials and sizes can be as different as dog breeds. This Dumbbell is made of dried hardwood, its weight plates are plastic. No harm to your doggy, as this training supply does not contain harmful substances, and the distance between the weight plates allows to pick it up and to hold without hitting the nose.

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for Retrieving Training

Wooden Dumbbell with Removable Weight Plates

Key features of this Dog Training Supply:

  • absolutely safe for dog
  • without toxins
  • dried hardwood
  • removable plastic weight plates

Intended use of this Wooden Dog Dumbbell:

  • retrieving work
  • IGP training

Sizes available:

  • weight - approx. 650 g (1.4 lbs)
  • diameter of weight plate - 12 cm (5 inch)
  • length - 20 cm (8 inch)

Available colors:

  • tan dowel and black weight plates

Our dog training supplies are made of the best materials and meet international standards of quality. You may easily use Wooden Dumbbells with removable weight plates to provide your dog with quality training, relaxing games and even preparation for IGP.

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Durable Dog Training Dumbbell

Dumbbell with Black Plastic Plates

Please, note!
If you are not sure how to use such supplies as Dumbbells for Dog, consult your dog trainer. Choose the size and weight of the dumbbells for your pet wisely. It needs to be proportionate to your doggy's size. You may take into consideration the distance between the weight plates, the thickness of dowel itself, and the height of its weight plates.

Pictures from Customers

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Wooden Dumbbell for Dog Training

German Shepherd with IPO Training Dumbbell

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Dog Apportable Dumbbell

Apportable Dumbbell wit Plastic Weight Plates

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Wooden Dumbbell for Dog Training

Comfy Dog Dumbbell for Professional Training

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Dumbbells for Young Malinois Training

Professional Malinois Training with Special Retrieving Dumbbells

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