Bamboo Stick for Agitation Training with Dog


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  • Model: TEB##1057 Bacchetta in bambu
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Bamboo Rod for IGP and Dog Training

We suggest you to buy the bamboo rod to accustom the dog to work in noisy and stressful situation. The coach makes noise intentionally with bamboo rod to train the dog to execute the commands. The dog should not pay attention to this environment.

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Bamboo Stick
for Police Work

Make Your Agitation Sessions Professional with This Bamboo Stick!

Key features of this Dog Accessory:

  • high-quality product
  • tape covered handle

Intended use of this Dog Training Stick:

  • preparing for extreme situations
  • learning basic commands
  • agitation training
  • IGP training


  • making noise


  • bamboo

Pictures provided by Sergei Beresowski, SBK9

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Resistant Bamboo Stick for Guard Dog Training

Train Your Dog Attack or Protection with This Bamboo Stick!


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