Nylon Collar with Silver Plates for Fashionable Malinois

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  • Model: C273#1057 Collare in nylon per cane
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Nylon Collar Extra Wide with Round Plates

Nylon Collar Extra Wide with Round Plates is very fitting for everyday walks and training, journeys and visiting. Round shaped embossed plated with antique silver design make this extra wide nylon collar very elegant and truly unique. Nylon is much softer than the leather is, but is not less solid. There is a D-ring for a lead.

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Nylon Collar for Malinois with Decorations

Functional and Fashionable Adorned Nylon Collar

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Buckle and D-ring of the Collar

Nickel-plated Fittings of the Wide Nylon Collar

Key features of this Nylon Collar Extra Wide with Round Plates:

  • Material - nylon, strong and resistant
  • Decorations - round shaped plates of the antique silver style
  • Hand-made diligently and with care for your pet
  • Extra wide means suitable for strong and active dogs as Malinois
  • Hand-riveted
  • Fashionable and at the same time very practical
  • Doesn't stretch

Intended use of this Nylon Collar Extra Wide with Round Plates:

  • Walking Malinois dog
  • Training an athletic dog
  • Visiting the vet

Sizes available:

  • Width - 40mm
  • Length - from 45 cm to 95 cm

Available colors:

  • black

How to size your dog for this dog collar:

How to size the dog for a collar

You will get your purchased collar with a neck circumference on the third hole. So you will have also 2 holes back and 2 holes forward to adjust the collar for your dog. Please, take it into your account before you make an order.

When you measure your dog for this nylon collar, please, don't add any figures to the measures you get - our specialists take into account all the details. If your dog is still a puppy, note that in time the collar will become too small. That's why specify, please, his age, sex and breed in the comments.


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Look at the Collar's Steady Buckle

Take a Closer View of the Wide Collar's Buckle and Ring

This wonderful Nylon Collar Extra Wide with Round Plates is highly appreciated by truely caring dog owners all over the world. Our Nylon Dog Collar for Malinois is not just convenient for any weather, but also very stylish and attractive. The Decorated Nylon Collar makes your dog happy because it gives him comfort and doesn't hurt.

Check how our products look on the dogs

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Malinois wearing Gorgeous Nylon Dog Collar with Stylish Decorations

Round Silver Plates-Trimmed Nylon Collar for Malinois


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