Leather dog collar with handle for Boxer

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  • Model: C33##1057 2 ply Collare con maniglia per i cani attivi come Boxer
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Size: fits American Pitbull and similar breeds with neck size 23-35 inch (59-89 cm).

Great for the Big Dog in your life, this collar is designed with several features that make them ideal for large and strong dogs. The features include rivet & washer construction, strong and solid leather and topnotch heavy-duty hardware.This collar is made with handle for agitation work and easy dog control. This collar is extra wide (almost 1 3/4inch) with leather handle which makes it perfect tool for handling large and active breeds. This collar is made of very strong, durable and soft, solid leather. No doubled up fillers or machine stitches which means the edges won't fray.

Note, please, that the weight of this collar is 0.410 kg

Please be advised that the HANDLE is always black, whether the COLLAR you order is in brown or black.

How to size your dog for this dog collar:


  • Hole A on the dog collar is the size of the collar in an unfolded state.
  • In general, there are 5 holes, spacing between two holes is 25 mm.
  • But on the dog's neck, the size of the collar will correspond to holes B or C. As the collar is made of double leather, it is thick and difficult to fold.
  • For example, your dog's neck size is 55 cm. If the hole A is located at a distance of 55 cm from the edge of the collar in an unfolded state, being put on the neck of your dog, this collar will be fastened on the hole B or C.
  • Please note that the collar is very massive and heavy, i.e. it can fit the neck size, but to be too heavy for a dog
Solid 2ply leather collar for German Shepherd
Solid and durable collar for disobedient dog

The handle of the collar is usually made of rolled leather. Sometimes it can be also made of nylon padded with felt. If the material used matters to you, please, specify it in your comments.

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