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“Quality Helper” Choking Collar for English Bulldog

A short, compact, big-boned dog, it is the embodiment of power. Hard to believe that such an animal with short thick legs can develop decent speed in race. Do you own an English Bulldog? Then you know that because of its innate stubbornness there can be problems in training.

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Leather Collar Choking Effect for Bulldog

Super Durable Leather Choking Collar for Molosser Dog

These animals are very strong and fearless, insensitive to pain, but strenuous exercise is not for them. What collar to use if you want to make your Bully obedient counter to its reputation, or make it a champion on dog shows? Get the “Quality Helper” Choking Collar for pleasant affordable price right now!

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Dog Choke Collar

Strong Welded Rings of Choking Collar

Key features of this Dog Collar for English Bulldog:

  • 100% genuine leather
  • soft nappa
  • silent in action
  • hand-made stitching
  • welded brass rings

Intended use of this British Bulldog Leather Choker:

  • English Bulldog training
  • dog shows

Sizes available:

  • 6 mm (1/4 inch) wide
  • more than 20 sizes

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

How to measure a dog for a choke collar:

Practical information:

  • To choose a choke collar of the right size, measure your dog's head circumference (together with ears) and add 5 cm to this dimension.
  • For example: your dog's head circumference is 55 cm. 55cm + 5 cm = 60 cm. So, the size of the choke collar you order shouldn't be less than 60 cm.
  • Attention! It is better not to use a choking collar for a puppy, but, if you do so, please provide collars of bigger size for your pup while it's growing. Please, specify age, breed and sex of your dog in your comments.
  • The perfect size choke collar doesn't touch the dog's ears. Such a collar should not strangle the animal and, at the same time, should not slip the dog's head while it jumps or bends its head.

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This leather choking collar consists of a kapron rope, covered with soft nappa leather. What makes it especially strong – it is a handmade stitching with reinforced thread. Worthy training collar for a dog which has some blunt charm, combined with the aristocracy.

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Dog Choke Collar for British Bulldog

British Bulldog Wearing Comfortable Choking Collar

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British Bulldog Leather Slip Collar

Strong Choking Collar with Kapron Rope on English Bulldog

Welded rings of the collar are also made in a way to stand the power of such an impressive dog as British Bulldog. As you see, it is quite easy to find good dog training supplies for English Bulldog walking, training, showing and behaviour correction, if you cooperate with our online boutique for dog trainers!

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