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Jute Training Leg Sleeve

The main advantage of jute is its natural origin. "Jute, the “golden fiber ", gains popularity in the world thanks to its unique property of biodegradability ..." - this is how this culture is promoted by Indian industrialists in the Internet.
Jute fiber is biodegradable after use and therefore fuses completely with the soil. In turn, it enriches the soil with organic elements and subsequently helps to obtain a higher harvest of crops. During the combustion its vapours do not emit any harmful substances.

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Guard Dog Training Equipment

Jute Leg Sleeve with Nylon Loop

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Dog Bite Training Leg Sleeve Jute

Comfortable Jute Dog Sleeve

Therefore, jute is an excellent material for dog training supplies, such as our Jute Training Leg Sleeve. This dog bite protective sleeve is used for attack and protection dog training by professional dog trainers and handlers. Besides, the sleeve is used for competition training.

Key features of this Jute Leg Sleeve:

  • strong jute
  • absolutely safe
  • comfortable
  • anti slide foot loop
  • loop handle
  • stitched with reinforced thread
  • ambidextrous
  • Velcro closure

Intended use of this Bite Protection Sleeve made of Jute:

  • guard dog training
  • police dog training
  • attack/protection dog training
  • service dog training

Sizes available:

  • height - 62 cm


  • jute

To make this leg sleeve for military dog training and police dog training more durable our craftsmen have stitched the bite area with reinforced thread. It is equipped with two loops: nylon anti slide loop for foot and nylon loop handle for easier sleeve management. Though the sleeve can be quickly given as a reward for excellent work, its retention mechanism (together with the Velcro) excludes spontaneous unfastening. Do not lose neither in price nor in quality with real artists!

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Protection Training Sleeve

Handcrafted Bite Protection Sleeve for Legs

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Bite Sleeves for Dogs Jute

Jute Dog Training Leg Sleeve

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