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  • Model: C966#1057 Collare in cuoio a strozzo per Amstaff, larghezza 6mm
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Leather Choker for Amstaff

“Without Amstaff love lives in another house”.
Despite imposing appearance, American Staffordshire Terrier is very soft, friendly and affectionate by nature. Stafford is friendly toward strangers, and will be happy to greet guests who came to the house or friends while walking.

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Leather Choking Collar for Amstaff

Soft Leather Choking Collar for Amstaff

Nonetheless, because of its strong stucky body Amstaff is rather hard to control. To do that, use the Leather Choker for Amstaff, manufactured by our company. This Rounded leather choking collar is 6 mm (¼ inch) wide, it is strong and, without any doubt, can stand your Amstaff's strong jerks or pulling. The only necessary condition is to measure the dog correctly to make the choking collar work, not hurt.

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Choke Collar for Molosser Dog

Choking Collar of Rounded Leather for Amstaff Training

Key features of this Dog Choker:

  • strong dog-friendly material
  • 100% full grain leather
  • hand-stitching
  • effective in use

Intended use of this Amstaff Leather Choking Collar:

  • Amstaff walking
  • daily dog training
  • off-leash training

Sizes available:

  • 6 mm (1/4 inch) in width
  • more than 20 sizes

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

How to measure a dog for a choke collar:

Practical information:

  • To choose a choke collar of the right size, measure your dog's head circumference (together with ears) and add 5 cm to this dimension.
  • For example: your dog's head circumference is 55 cm. 55cm + 5 cm = 60 cm. So, the size of the choke collar you order shouldn't be less than 60 cm.
  • Attention! It is better not to use a choking collar for a puppy, but, if you do so, please provide collars of bigger size for your pup while it's growing. Please, specify age, breed and sex of your dog in your comments.
  • The perfect size choke collar doesn't touch the dog's ears. Such a collar should not strangle the animal and, at the same time, should not slip the dog's head while it jumps or bends its head.

To see how to size the dog correctly click here

The leather we use is hypoallergenic, and treated correctly, does not crack. Two solid rings are made of brass, so they are resistant to corrosion and, in fact, almost impossible to break. This leather choking collar doesn't damage the Staffy's fur and doesn't hurt the doggy's health.

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Tear-proof Choking Dog Collar

Amstaff Easily Controlled By Round Choke Collar

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Leather Choke for Extra Strong Dog

Solid Brass Rings of the Leather Choker

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