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  • Model: TT79#1057 Giocattolo per cane Treat Holder
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Starmark Dog Treat Stimulation Toy Ringer Orb

This is a great dog treat release toy for your pooch! This Starmark toy is durable and can be rolled and bitten for hours. This dog toy is very easy to clean as is dishwasher safe. Starmark specialists have done everything to create a very durable, but at the same time safe toy for your pet. Special material that does not contain allergic and dangerous substances is used.

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Dog Toys that You Put Treats In Starmark

Starmark Dog Treat Toy Ringer Orb

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Dog Dental Health Toys for Treats

Dog Food Dispensing Toy Safe Non-toxic with Treats

This puzzle dog toy for treats can be used as a treat dispenser. You may use dry food with it. Small rings of vitamin-rich dry food fit into the inner hollow space specially provided. During games this interactive dental toy massages your dog's gums, and your four-legged friend progresses mentally and physically.

Key features of this Dog Toy for dental Care:

  • does not contain any dangerous or toxic substances
  • perfect for dogs all breeds and sizes
  • with special holes for dry food
  • massages the gums
  • can be cleaned in the dishwasher

Intended use of Starmark Interactive treat dog toy:

  • games
  • interactive feeding
  • rolling, licking, biting

Sizes available:

  • medium-sized
  • 12 cm x 6 cm
  • weight: 320 gr

Available colors:

  • white

Another great benefit of this Ringer treat toy: it can help you eliminate some of your dog's behavior problems. Give the dog this treat toy when, for example, you want to eat quietly and the dog won't annoy you sitting near the table and begging for food. It offers your pooch hours or even weeks of activity when used properly under supervision.

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