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  • Model: TE342 Riporto da mordere in tela francese con 2 maniglie
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Dog Bite Tug French Linen Handmade

Has your pup been already trained with bite tugs? Do you use this tool for your dog daily training and playing with your pooch? You'll certainly love our French Linen bite tug with handles, made to entertain and train your pup, small or medium dog. You aim to develop natural instincts, bite skills and nice strong grip of your pup? This stuffed bite tug with reinforced thread is definitely the one you need.

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Bite Tug Training Equipment

French Linen Bite Tug for Small Dog

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Bite Toy
for Dogs Hypoallergic

Bite Training Tug with Comfortable Handles

French Linen it is made of is not only durable and steady, but also safe for puppy and adult dog's health and teeth. The thread we've stitched it through helps to keep the tug's shape despite frequent use. Two comfortable handles assure correct angle of bite and convenience of the tool for active applying.
P.S. Please, do not leave your dog with this bite toy unsupervised, and don't let to chew it. The tool is not a chewing toy, it is intended for bite training and playing a tug of war. The handles are also there not to bite, but to hold the tug conveniently. Thus, the tug will keep its shape and quality, and serve you longer.

Key features of this Bite Tug:

  • is good for pups and small dogs
  • helps to develop bite skills, prey drive and retrieving
  • comfortable strong handles
  • reliable non-toxic stuffing
  • resistant to tear and bite
  • absolutely harmless when used under supervision

Intended use of this Dog Bite Training Toy:

  • bite training
  • retrieving
  • fun games with dog
  • instincts development


  • 6 cm x 20 cm


  • a range of colors, you'll receive the one available in stock

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