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Wire Basket Dog Muzzle for Big Size Dog Breeds
[M4###1057 Museruola a cestello di filo nichelato per cani grandi]


I recently bought a few muzzles for my Newfoundland named Henry, who suffers from a chronic skin disease. He was forced to constantly wear a cone for dogs not to lick and bite when it itches, making it difficult to walk around the house and drink. This muzzle was an discover compared to all that I used to have previously even some much more expensive. The model sits perfectly on its snout, it's pretty light and a range of options to ensure a perfect fit is fine. Now we can leave him alone for some time knowing that he can walk around the house comfortably and easily drink water while being muzzled. Unfortunately we are forced to use the muzzle when he is alone sometimes, but I recommend this muzzle. Make sure that you have made the correct measurements. I really thought to add to those dad but the muzzle has already enough space and as I said earlier there are many straps in it to provide a reliable and comfortable fit. I also recommend a quick release buckle.
Date Added: 09/20/2018 by Steven B, UK
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