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Mantrailing is the dog activity which consists in pursuing a certain person by a trained dog, following his or her specific scent, finding that person or indicating the end of the track (for example, if a person left by car). Mantrailing is used in search operations to search for and rescue missing people, or during police investigations. Tracking Harness
Scent specific pursuit is a kind of tracking work, when the trained dog is focused mostly on skin rafts, left by a specific person. Everyone constantly loses a large number of tiny skin cells, which settle on surrounding objects, are carried by wind, etc. That's the scent of these cells that the dog follows. At the same time, a dog can do at a distance large enough from the footprints - as far as the wind carries the cells. While working, the dog uses both lower and upper flair, instinctively choosing the most effective method of work in each and every situation.
A well-trained dog should work on scent pursuit in any terrain: in the fields, in the woods, in the city, on the pavement, in the snow.
Search on individual scent trial has only one purpose - to find a missing person as quickly as possible. Careful study of the track, turns and loops, the designation of objects are not required. Tracking Harness Airedale Terrier
The dog can work on a long leash, using a special tracking harness. If there is a sample of scent and the beginning of the track (for example, the place where the missing were last seen), using of maintrailing dog can be the fastest and the most efficient way to find the lost.
You can see dogs with on of our Mantrailing Harnesses on the pictures. Here's feedback from our customer Dieter from Cammin, Germany about the product H12:
"Ladies and gentlemen,
The product we've ordered arrived at last. It is in the best condition, its quality is exclusive! We're eager to buy more from you. Once again, thanks for good communication and business execution. Yours faithfully".
This waterproof harness is easily adjustable and good-looking. It has a cushion plate and an extra strap. There is a variety of sizes and a wide range of activities you can use the harness for, including mantrailing.
Moreover ... dogs love to seek and pursue - it is in their blood, for them mantrailing is the best game in the world!
We suggest you to pay your attention to the products for dogs, created especially for tracking, searching and maintrailing. These items are made of the materials of the best quality, they are certified and approved by kennel experts:
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